The Company

Our company was founded on 1983 by the actual Director Diego Ramada. After several years in the field of national and international transports and customs procedures, he decided to open his company.

Thanks to the entry of his sons Matteo and Roberto, and the construction of the new headquarters in Briga Novarese (NO), the company has improved its services and its clients; over the years, it has also created a dense network of national and international correspondents who has been chosen for their professionalism and capillarity into their territory.


Our company want to create solid and lasting partnerships with its staff, clients and suppliers. As consequence many companies are our clients since our start and with them we have established a relationship based on trust and collaboration.

Spedbor offers a service that goes beyond a simple transfer of goods: we follow each logistic and bureaucratic aspect of single shipment: from customs formalities to ministerial authorizations, from warehousing to planning deliveries and pick up of goods using the best transport solution according with the request of speed and economy of our client.

“Offer to the client a service of people before that tools,
Cooperation before that a price,
Satisfaction before that results”

Our fleet

The whole truck fleet has a satellite detector, that needs to choose the best way, to solve any problems in real time, to exchange SMS with the driver, to check hours of driving and the using truck, to have the situation of traffic in real time and to avoid theft

We are among the few in the province of Novara to offer a national and international network of distribution of own goods and all logistic services related to transport, everything done by own staff.

“We believe that transport is the added value for each goods, But only when the goods arrives where, how and when the final receiver wants.”

Our strengths

  • THOROUGHNESS: relationship between trucking and services
  • FLEXIBILITY: different services for different needs
  • CAPILLARITY: national and foreign partners
  • SECURITY: tracking and anti-theft devices, video security